Andrea Stykket

My passion for purpose-driven organisations started over a decade ago when I dropped out of secondary school to set up a social enterprise with a group of friends, an initiative that eventually became the NABIO foundation.

Since then, I have been privileged to have initiated, co-founded, worked in, and consulted a range of social start-ups and nonprofits. Along the journey, I have picked up a diverse skillset: initiating and implementing projects, managing teams, coding web-platforms, writing grant proposals, connecting with partners, creating graphic design and motion graphics, and managing databases.

I am driven by the process of discovering problems, building user-driven solutions, and pushing ideas into impact. I enjoy the entrepreneurial role as much as being a champion and supporter of others working for change. Thus, I am thrilled when I get the opportunity to lead workshops and training programmes to share my experiences.

I’m currently studying for an MPhil in Development Studies at Oxford University, supported by Aker Scholarship, to compliment my BA in marketing. I strongly believe that bridging academic theory with practice bring ubiquotous value for both domains. 

– Andrea Stykket


MPhil, Development Studies, Oxford University

  • Full-ride from Aker Scholarship

BA, Marketing, Newcastle University

  • Triple award winning thesis: Using marketing tools for social change

IDM Certificate in Digital and Data Driven Marketing

  • Data-driven marketing solutions, marketing analysis, and omnichannel digital campaigns 

Hard skills

  • WordPress Development
  • Intermediate: HTML, CSS, Javascript, PhP
  • Adobe Suite (Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, Photoshop, Premiere, AfterEffects)
  • Languages: Norwegian and English


  • WonderWoman at Oxford Enterprising
  • Aker Scholarship (full-ride to Oxford University
  • “Santander and Ncl+ joint award of Advanced Communication”
  •  “Ncl+ Employability Award”
  • BA awards:
    • “Best Dissertation in Final Year”  (90%)
    • “Best Graduating Student”
    • “Outstanding Performance in the Final Year”

Work experience

  • In-house marketing: Evangeliesenteret, Kraft, RD-Connect, and Junction42
  • 4+ years of freelancing 
  • Research Assistant at Newcastle University

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Featured articles

WonderWomen, Oxford Enterprising

A featured article by Oxford Enterprising about my passion for social entrepreneurship and marketing purpose-driven organisations.

"Gjennom Røkkes nåløye"

“Med stipend fra Aker Innovasjon skriver Andrea Stykket (24) masteroppgave om utviklingen i norsk pinsemisjon”

"Fra Evangeliesenteret til Oxford University"

“Markedskonsulent i Evangeliesenteret, Andrea Stykket (23), har takket for seg. Når hun nå forlater Evangeliesenteret etterlater hun seg en ny håndbok med nye logoer, fonter og farger, en splitter ny hjemmeside, nytt CRM-system, og et rykende ferskt ambassadør-program.