Capturing your moment in oils

Live painting in London,
Oxford, and Oslo

Single moments in time might be captured through photographs, but a painting created as the day unfolds is a unique way to capture its atmosphere. You will not only have an artpiece to enjoy, but the process of painting becomes part of the fabric of the day itself  – part of the decorations, architecture and performances that creates the unique atmosphere of your day. 

The live painting process

I. Booking

Fill out the form, receive a quote, and place the booking by paying a 50% deposit. The price-guide below gives a rough overview of the price brackets, but a personalised quote is offered for each request – as it will vary somewhat based on desired canvas size, painting style, and what you want to capture.

II. Planning and preperations

A video or phone call before the event to talk through practicalities, ensuring everything will go smoothly on the day. This will also be an opportunity to talk more about the painting to make sure you capture your special moment.

III. Painting on the day

On the day, I will show up and set up a painting station at a place planned in advance. Ideally I will arrive in good time before the main “moment” to be captured takes place to begin painting the backdrop. On the day, I usually paint between 4-8 hours.

IV. Studio work

Most of the work usually takes place in the studio after the event. However, I now also offer live paintings with minimal studio time to reduce costs for those that have smaller budgets to play with. This option naturally has a more textured/painterly style and does not include detailed faces – simply because they don’t come out very well with this amount of time.

V. Alterations

For paintings that I complete in the studio, I can share pictures of the progress if you want to – or you can choose to be surprised at the end. If you do want the opportunity to ask for bigger changes though, this has to be made earlier in the process as it gets increasingly difficult to alter things at the final stages.

VI. Delivery

Once completed and approved by you, the painting will be varnished to last – and delivered to you by the method agreed. It will arrive signed, with a letter of authenticity, and dated on the back.

Live painting price list



Studio work



Landscape / contours of people but no faces painted in detail

No, or minimal studio work. Most of the painting is made on the day. 

From 999£


2 people

25 hours+ of studio work

From 1499£


2 people, plus contours of guests included in the backdrop

35+ hours of studio work

From 1699£


More than 2 people painted in detail, send enquiry for an accurate quote

60+ hours of studio work

From 1999£

*Discounts apply for referrals, repeated work, or if the work can lead to new business opportunities. Get in touch to discuss options. 


Which package should I choose?

The quote I provide is primarily based on the number of hours that will need to be put into the work. The complexity of the painting (especially the number of people and whether you want them to be depicted in great detail) will play a big role. The style you also prefer matters. The renaissance/fine art style that I do takes months to complete due to extensive layering and attention to detail, whereas the more textured and “painterly” approach I can take is a more intuitive process that takes less time. 

The brackets I have set to give a price indication will not always be accurate – each quote is based on a conversation about your specific project. 

If you are on a smaller budget, we can talk about different ways to simplify the painting or other styles to reduce the hours needed to complete the work. 

Can I be involved in the process?

You should always try to look for a painter that does the kind of style you are looking for! Hopefully, you are here because you enjoy what I make. 

That said, the reason I love to live paint is that I get to make something that people can treasure for years to come – something to bring them joy. 

It is important to me to listen to what you are looking for. To some, that might mean that you want to be surprised and to give me full creative freedom. To others, that might mean long conversations before the day to talk in great detail about colour palettes, textures, painting perspectives, elements, people, or poses. We can also draw some rough sketches in real time. 

I welcome feedback during the painting process after the live painting event, but the big decisions should already have been made before the live painting takes place. You might discover that your uncle’s nose could be painted a tad bigger, or perhaps your maid of honour’s dress was a slightly different shade of lilac. 

You’ll get to see and complete the completed painting before it is varnished and sent off to you. 

Canvas sizes

The prices will depend on the canvas size you want – but not necessarily a lot. I love working on large canvases, so the price is only adjusted enough so that I can cover the cost of the bigger canvas and oil paints (unfortunately, they are not cheap). 


All bookings are subject to a 50% deposit to secure the date, and the remaining fee paid upon completion of the work. 

Paying over time through installments

My prices reflect the amount of time and care I put into each painting, hopefully, something you can treasure for years. However, I know they arent cheap. Please get in touch if you are interested in a painting and would like to discuss another payment plan than my usual 50% upfront/50% upon completion. 

Liability insurance

Andrea Stykket is insured up to $1,000,000 in liability insurance coverage. 


I’m usually found somewhere around London and Oxford in the UK, or Oslo/Telemark in Norway. For locations outside of these areas, the cost of travel and/or accommodation will be added to the quote. I try to keep these to a minimum as they are only a necessity.