Capturing your moment in oils

Live painting

Single moments in time might be captured through photographs, but a painting created as the day unfolds is a unique way to capture its atmosphere. You will not only have an artpiece to enjoy, but the process of painting becomes part of the fabric of the day itself  – part of the decorations, architecture and performances that creates the unique atmosphere of your day. 


The priceguide below gives a rough overview of the price bracket, but a personalised quote is offered for each request – as it will vary somewhat based on desired canvas size, painting style, and numbers of people. The prices assume a standard canvas size of 16″x20″x1″ inches (40cm*50cm*2cm) but this can be tailored.

When  you send an enquiry, you will get a quote based on your specifications. I may ask further questions if it is needed. If you are happy with the quote, the date will be secured subject to paying a deposit amounting to 50% of the total cost.

Once the booking is made, this is what you can expect:

  • A video or phone call prior to the event to talk through the practicalities, as well as helping me get an understanding of your style, if there are important things you want to include in the painting, your colours scheme, and creating a rough vision of the painting
  • On the day, I will show up and set up a painting station at a place planned in advance. Ideally I will arrive in good time before the main “moment” to be captured takes place to begin painting the backdrop. On the day, I usually paint between 4-8 hours.
  • Most of the work takes place after the event itself in the studio. I will share pictures when the painting is beginning to come towards the final stages, so that you can give requests of smaller amendments before it is varnished.
  • Once completed and approved, the painting is varnished and delivered to you by the method agreed. It will arrive signed, with a letter of authenticity, and dated on the back.



Studio work



2 people

25 hours+ of studio work

From 1199£


2 people, plus contours of guests included in the backdrop

35+ hours of studio work

From 1599£


More than 2 people painted in detail, send enquiry for an accurate quote

60+ hours of studio work

From 1999£

Costs of Travel/accomodation

For locations other than London and Oxford (UK) and Oslo and Grenland (Norway), travel costs will come in addition to the package cost. An accommodation fee will also be required if the locations and/or timing of the painting require an overnight stay. This cost will be kept to a minimum and can be estimated based on your date and location.

About the styles: Impressionism/Renaissance

The prices vary according to the motive and artistic style. The impressionist styles have more visible brushstrokes, less blending, and more vibrant colours – whereas the classic renaissance style stays truer to form, colour and detail. The latter has a higher cost since extensive time is spent in the studio after the event to perfect the work using several layers of oil paint glacing.

Most of my prior work is in the renaissance style, so here is a classic impressionistic painting for reference:


All bookings are subject to a 50% deposit to secure the date, and the remaining fee paid upon completion of the work.

Liability insurance

Andrea Stykket is insured up to $1,000,000 in liability insurance coverage. 

Canvas sizes

The prices will depend on the canvas size you want – but not necessarily a lot. I love working on large canvases but charge a little more to cover the extra cost of the canvas and oil paints. The price packages assume a canvas size of 40cm * 50cm 


Please email to get a quote!

The more you share, the easier it will be to give you a realistic estimate. Please include information about how you prefer to be communicated with, the place/date of your event, whether or not you think travel/accommodation costs will be needed, and what you envision. Which moment do you hope to capture? Which painting style (impressionistic or renaissance)? How many people do you want included? Have you got a specific canvas size in mind?