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Crafting a strategy to prevent and treat drug addiction in the next generation through an organisational rebranding, digital marketing strategy, and publicly funded ambassador programme.

contacts transferred to a new CRM system

brand new publically funded ambassador programme

Rebranding of the organisation

new iPad kiosk application

Challenge: Bringing a 40 year old vision to the next generation

Evangeliesenteret is the largest faith-based alternative in drug rehabilitation in Norway, with over 200 employees equally matched by a pool of volunteers. With over 40 years of operations, over 200 employees, and operations in numerous districts across the country, Evangeliesenteret has done a tremendous job historically at marketing themselves. However, it is a challenge to stay relevant and continue to mobilise partners and supporters. Most pressingly: how to engage the young generation in an over 40 year old charity, with a donor and volunteer base averaging over retirement age?  

Solution: Organisational rebranding, an ambassador programme, and better use of data

I worked for over a year full-time with Evangeliesenteret, so a short case study cannot capture everything. However, there are three things I left behind that I want to share. First, the entire organisation was rebranded with a fresh new logo and marketing handbook to bring home the new profile. Second, I launched an ambassador programme designed to mobilise young adults. Finally, I saw an opportunity to lower costs and increase engagement by adopting better methods for handling data.

Pivoting the logo for the next generation

With a logo that had been through several generations and a broad group of media people, I set out to renew and standardise the visual profile and key messages in the organisation. The picture below shows the logo and new branding profile adopted across the organisation.

Starting with the logo itself, I updated to a modern font and a clearer and more punchy green. The old military green were not as easily recognisable and was difficult to make good graphics with – resulting in staff and volunteers across divisions adding their own breadth of colours to graphics. Finally, the shape was made circle for a more modern take and a more versatile shape. The final logo speaks to the meaning and heritage of the organisation, placing an even stronger emphasis on the green that was chosen by the founder 40 years ago – the colour of hope.

Streamlining branding across organisational divisions

Renewing branding is more than coming up with a logo and a palette. The most important challenge is to streamline it across volunteers, and get the same feel and personality across the deliverables being made. The new branding therefore came with an easy-read brand handbook, a rich database of templates, and plenty of digital assets. This was carried through in training and workshops with the TV and magazine division, all enthusiastic to renew and unify the ES brand in visuals and messages.

A customised admin area to easily edit information

The new branding package came with a new website, naturally. Besides having simplified the information and created a more intuitive flow for users, I also developed a special interface for internal staff of volunteers to upload dynamic content. It needs to be as easy as possible to accomodate many people with different capabilities and without the extra time to sit for long. I tested this internally to make the most intuitive interface for the staff.

A missed opportunity: 20 years of data, 70 000 contacts

Voluminous, but useless data
The management were keen to see what we could do with better understanding of the data and a better targeting. Our CRM system monitored donations, subscriptions, and volunteers, but was difficult to use and hard to get key numbers from easily. I was put in charge of identifying and shifting to a new system.

Finding the best solution
Using my certification in Digital and Direct markeitng by the IDM and previous work with databases at RD-Connect, I met with a number of CRM providors to map their systems against our needs and data. We ended up transferring out 70 000 contacts over to a new system, and I contributed to cleaning and transferring all of the data, ready for the new staff member to take over as I left the position. The insights from better data allowed a number of useful insights to be made about the donor base and the volunteers.

Cutting expenses and improving targeting by better use of data
Notably, we were able to cut expences significantly in paid advertisements to increase donations at a lower cost. We could more closely monitor our engagements with different demographics, trace how well messages worked across them, and monitor our leads.

Reaching the next generation

The power of permission marketing
I’ve seen time and time again how organiastions aiming to reach the younger generation invest in a budget to advertise on Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok, buy a few smoke machines, and get a younger band to play. I believe that this is a superficial and flawed approach. The same things that mobilised people in the last generation can mobilise the next – connecting with the vision and the community. Permission marketing holds that one should speak with, and engage, those that seek it. We do not want to be another noise in the sea of advertisement the youth faces, but a community and a cause. Of course, we cannot build deep relationships with all, but my take on it is that one must begin by building ambassadors of people. It is repacking and forwarding the most powerful marketing tool the organiastion has had in the past, into the future.

Building a strategic partnership
My leader sponsored a trip to the north of Norway where I met with Helgeland folkehoyskole and ideated around creating a programme for the students to work in Evangeliesenteret for a year. The goal was beeing able to give a fuller understanding to the new generations, to get them to contribute to create content and mobilise a young generation, and to become ambassadors for Evangeliesenteret and begin building a community in the next generation.

Launching a publicly funded programme
Before I ended my role, we had established a year-long programme with a tailored curriculum, an outline of the year, a landing page and a number of applicants, and have it as an official programme receiving public scholarships to support the ambassadors. The programme begun just after I left my role, and has been a huge success. The video on the right is from the 2 girls that participated in the first year.

An interactive iPad interface

One of the small initiatives that I found quite thrilling, was the planning and development of an ipad kiosk app for stalls at festivals and conferences. As I was mapping out all of the goals we had for going to the festival, and making a strategy for achieving it, it was a clear opportunity to set up an interactive interface. This was especially useful for younger adults who were curious of the charity, but was intimidated to speak directly to the staff who tended to be older.

This is a low-barrier way to begin engaging. But the interface also proved highly useful for older visitors. The wireframing and careful planning of a simple interface meant less technologically literate visitors could also easily click through to perform all actions.
They can easily donate, sign up to the magazine and newsletter, and sign up as volunteer interests. All is tailored with best-practices to continue the interaction and lay the foundation for ongoing engagement beyond the festival encounter.

I had the joy of having Andrea as my colleague and office buddy for a year from 2018 – 2019. She worked as a marked consultant and during that year I learned to know Andrea as a diligent worker, who always strives for excellence in every task given to her. She is quick and effective in all she does, with a head for strategic development and creative ideas. In the time she worked at Evangeliesenteret, she developed several new prosjekts. Amongst many things she developed an ambassador program for youth, a new web page, a new hand book with new logo, as well as a new CRM system, where 70 000 users were transferred into this new system. As well as her excellent working skills, Andrea is a really pleasant and fun person to be with. She has a heart for people, loves a good laugh, and is truly inspiring to be around. I can give her my warmest recommendations and wish her all the best in everything she gives herself to!

Marit Joys Wigart

Editor in Chief, Evangeliesenteret