Logo designs


A logo created for an activist organisation championing a fair and inclusive housing project in a saturated housing market. The house, representing the core project, has coloursful leaves growing from it – representing growth and hope. Each has its own colour to reflect the emphasis on diversity and inclusion. I used a retro look with bold colouring to reflect the vibrant and young community that is working to make fair housing a reality in Trondheim. 


A logo for an Oxford-based med-tech start-up. The logo is clean and modern, and created to be suitable for a variety of purposes – including product packaging. The bold orange is picking up the primary colour of the refugee nation flag, a pledge for refugee rights that stands at the core of their proposition. The hexagon references the scientific underpinning of the product. 

Oxford Graduate Society

A classical logo in a dark blue, reflecting the colour scheme of the university it is connected to. It is a traditional emblem style that builds on the Oxford legacy, and is in line with the professionals that it was created for. 


A minimalist logo with a punchy fuschia pink, created for the NABIO basket shop. The A reflects the weave pattern in the handcrafted, ethically sourced baskets. 

Oxford Social Entrepreneurs

OSE is a student start-up working to support aspiring and early-stage social entrepreneurs in Oxford. The lightbulb represents ideas, and the leaves represents growth and new beginnings. The style was made to appeal to the target groups – students as well as colleges and advisors. 


The organisation works to forward faith-based councelling and community, and the name itself can be directly translated to “soul navigation”. It is a Norwegian word often used in the context of helping boats navigate safely home, so the lighthouse directly speaks to the mission of guiding the individual.

Det Nytter

“Det Nytter” means “It works”, but the meaning might be better captured by “There is hope”. It is a faith-based organisation providing support groups for people with drug addictions, and their families. The cross is picking up on their faith-based ethos, with an open door – reflecting new opportunities. The colour references their parent organisation Kraft, where they were originally founded. 


This was a redesign I did for Evangeliesenteret, a faith-based organisation supporting people with drug addictions with rehabilitation, schooling, and community support. The original logo were made years ago, but needed an update to communicate that the organisation is still relevant – even 40 years after it was founded. I chose a brighter green, rather than a less saturated military green, updated the font to a more modern variant, and changed the shape from a rounded square to a perfect circle. The update is adopted throughout the organisations branding, in their magazine and their television programmes, and in all of the centres across Norway.

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Nasjonalt Landstadsenter

A decorated classical logo for a foundation working to preserve the legacy of Landstad, a writor and a priest from Telemark. The decoration hints at the rose painting tradition in the region, complimented with a classical font to echo the organisational form and ethos.