Workshops and Seminars

I help start-ups and nonprofits to multiply their impacts by sharing tools and insights from marketing and design-thinking. I love the workshop format – teaching tools whilst solving problems in real time. 


  • The ABCs of marketing purpose-driven organisations
  • Digital and data-driven marketing
  • Storytelling and content creation
  • Community co-creation
  • Social entrepreneurship in an organisational context

Branding and Marketing

A brand is more than its logo and graphics, but I help with that too (click to see my designs). I help start-ups and nonprofits to multiply their impact through market analysis, strategy, campaigning, and data-driven measurments. 


UI/UX is about designing high-impact user experiences. It’s an integrative approach I use in all web and platform projects. I have also helped organisations to make thier platforms and websites more intuitive and user friendly – bringing more value to their users. Beyond the digital realm, I’m an ardent believer that UX can transform nonprofits missions and the way they meet and support beneficiaries.

Web and Applications

I’ve been playing with HTML and CSS from a young age to build websites for fun. In recent years, I’ve grown fond of WordPress – creating beautiful responsive websites that can be easily managed in-house, even by those that have no coding abilities.  I can also provide customised platforms and applications.

Projects and Consultancy

‘Social intrapreneurship’ is when purpose-driven organisations adopt the entrepreneurial mindset to increase their impact. It is especially useful for established charities and social ventures that have stagnated – usualy there are substantial resources and opportunities to be grabbed, if you know where to look and are willing to take the risk.