Building the athmosphere

Wedding stationary

Personalised hand lettering, illustrations and graphic design for weddings and events

Costum crests

A crest with custom illustrations drawn digitally or by hand. These can include your initials and/or names, wedding date, or a quote you want memorised. The illustrations can borrow from your decorative flowers, the colours from your theme, and the style to fit your personalities. The sky is the limit. The emblems are made based on conversations about your event and preferences.

Prices from £49, package discounts apply. 

Wedding stationary

A themed pack of stationary, including designs for invitations, RSVP cards, thank you letters, programmes, menus, and more. The theme is developed based on your colour scheme, style preferences and needs.

Prices from £129 for packages.


Custom crests

Made digitally or through hand lettering.

From £49, package discounts apply. 

Stationary package

Matching invitations, RSVP cards, and thank you letters

From £129, package discounts apply. 

Guestbook cover

From £129, package discounts apply. 

Handmade illustrations

Illustrations based on the wedding couple, your flower bouquet, your venue, or the story of how you met. These can be given as illustrations, as well as integrated into other stationary if you are ordering several services. 

From £129, package discounts apply. 

Seating cards

Handmade or carefully designed cards to match your wedding theme

From £39, package discounts apply. 


Beautiful and carefully curated programmes or programme booklets to give your guests the programme overview, song lyrics, and/or your personal story told through pictures

From £59, package discounts apply. 

Table seating charts

Seating charts created by hand or made to. match the wedding theme. 

From £59, package discounts apply.